Experts say that to be more productive you need to be able to concentrate well. That’s often easier in a home office where you have fewer distractions. With winter on the way, home office trends are more favoured. You save more time on commuting, work at your own pace, in your own space. Fortunately, working remotely has become easier with access to sophisticated digital tools. Video conferencing, cloud collaboration software, smartphone chats, social media applications and emails bridge distances far better than a conversation over the phone. More and more jobs allow remote working options, saving costs for the company and allowing professionals more flexibility. However, the way you work from home affects your work performance to a great degree.

While it’s tempting to work from your bed in your pyjamas, it is not be the most effective way to make you more productive. On the other hand, a computer placed at an uncomfortable level on a dining table or a chair that doesn’t allow you to swivel or offer firm back support can leave your eyes and spine severely strained. Daily work in an incorrect posture can affect your productivity. Below are a few tips to optimize remote working from home and boost productivity.

DIY Layout Ideas for Home Office Productivity

Quiet Space: Look for a quiet corner in your home to work undisturbed. Find a room that’s well away from the television, home theatre system and children’s play area. If there is no room free to create a peaceful workspace, find a corner that you can convert into a little private den and cordon it off with an attractive divider or partition. Place a small rug, an elegant office desk, a firm backed chair and a cabinet into your home office.

Clean Desk: A neat and tiny desk helps you create room to work in peace. Piles of papers, books, folders, dust, unwashed coffee cups and cabinets clogged with files can be extremely distracting. Keep only essential documents on the desk. Stow away stationary in drawer organizers or closed cabinets so you have room to move around easily. Even better, tidy up your entire home so it looks inviting, organized and ready for business.

Potted Plants: Place a potted plant on your desk or floor plant for a visual break from all the stationary around you. Alternately place fresh flowers in a vase to keep you motivated. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. Keep a cactus such as aloe vera or arrange your desk overlooking the outdoors so you have a view to keep your mind relaxed and productive. Soft, soothing scents help you build focus. Keep potpourri or a scented candle to keep stress at bay.

Comfortable Furniture: Every piece of furniture you choose for your office has a part to play in your productivity. Uncomfortable pieces can create affecting your concentration. Comfortable, stylish furniture can enhance workplace productivity and performance. Choose bright colours to boost enthusiasm. Soothing shades add an elegant, contemporary touch. Good office furniture will help you stay organized better so you can find all important documents when you need. Consider daylight lighting to reduce daytime dysfunction and stay focused if the space doesn’t have a window.

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